One of my greatest hobby and interest is to cook, bake, steam, roast you name it and to keep everyone tummies happy. I achieved a great sense of contentment by feeding people with good and delicious food.

About Love to Cook Love to Eat (now Live.Life.Love.Eat.Repeat)

Yes, this is yet another recipe and food blog. I dare not say this blog is different from others but I believe every blogger has their own approach and style of running their blog, thus, making every blogs unique in its own way.

This blog is committed in bringing you delicious and uncomplicated recipes and hassle free cleaning department. However, there are times where I can’t help but to put my hands on complicated recipe. If that happens, I will try my best to simplify the presentation of methods and ingredients for your convenience.

Although I did mention about ‘uncomplicated’, I never take short cuts that would risk the foods end result. Call me conservative but to me taste that is almost there means not there yet and it will disappoints me. Finally, most ingredients that I use here are ingredients that you could get find in your pantry regularly and most (99.9%) of the recipes here is MSG free.

So, do try the recipes and let me know how you are going it with. Nothing makes me happier than knowing that you, my fellow blogger are actually trying out my recipes collection.

Finally, I am inspired to perfect my cooking techniques to widen my horizon in food related subject; eating and cooking (in a healthy way; OK unhealthy sometimes) and of course to further spoil mine and my hubby's taste bud.

Contact Me
You can contact me through the comment column or via e-mail at liyian_tan@hotmail.com. I love comments and feedback. I need them for encouragement and to improve my skills.

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