The Secrets (Tips)

Simply click on the questions to get the tips you need. Please scroll till the end of post for tips. I hope you will find the tips helpful.

  1. Trying to release your dried herbs flavour but don't have mortal and pestle or equivalent?
  2. What, why and how to blind bake?
  3. How to know if my cake batter is just perfect? 
  4. Why do I need to refrigerate Creme Caramel overnight and how to reduce the fat content in it?
  5. How to butterfly chicken?
  6. How long do I need to preheat the oven before I pop in the cake batter?
  7. I want to hand whisk the thickened cream but it takes too long
  8. What is the best temperature to pour or glaze chocolate over the cake?
  9. How many ml is 375g chocolate after its melted?
  10. I just want to know everything about Ganache, melted chocolate, the dos and don't s.
  11. How else can I crisp the crackling without grill?
  12. I have left over caramel sauce 
  13. Ways to tackle Hollandaise sauce.
  14. I want my cupcake to have a dome.
  15. I don't have piping bag but I want to pipe.
  16. I need to make icing or frosting now! but I don't have any icing sugar.
  17. My biscuit/cookies tend to break when I remove them to wire rack. 
  18. Why my cake batter is not smoothing out? 
  19. Why should I choose frozen fruits/berries for puree and what do I do to the left over?
  20. Substitute for fruit syrup or puree or sauce.
  21. Try to prevent fish fillet from breaking up during cooking process. 
  22. DIY Rice Powder 
  23.  To hold rossette shape while piping
  24. How long do I roast lamb leg 
  25. Clear chicken stock and must have ingredients
  26.  How to blance vegetables (Brocolli)
  27.  Avoid scramble egg in chocolate mixture
  28. What can I do with prawns heads and shells 

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