1. Which and what standard measuring cups and spoons you use? 
    I use Australia standard measuring cups and spoons to measure for dry, solid and liquid ingredients. For more information about Australian standard measuring cups and spoons, click here and here.

2. The oven temperature you stated in the recipes is applicable to conventional or fan forced oven ?
    The temperature given are all applicable to fan forced oven. For conversion click here. However please do keep in mind that the heat of the oven is usually vary from one oven to another. 

3. What is the size/weight of the eggs you use?
     A dozen (12) of the eggs I always buy is weight at 700g with shell. So, 1 egg would weight at 58.33g with with shell. 

4. How to measure the ingredients properly using cup and spoons?
    For non-liquid ingredients, make sure it is level unless stated heaped. A good way to level the dry ingredients is by running the back of the flat-bladed knife across the surface. For liquid ingredients, make sure the cup is flat level and check at eye level. If spoons is use make sure you use the correct sized spoon.

5. Whats'e the difference between roast, grill, broil etc etc?
    Click here

Use the converter below to convert as you need.

Weight&Mass Converter


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