Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kuih Sagu Kelapa and Sagu Gula Melaka

There are various name for this kuih. I guess different state in Malaysia name it differently but one thing remains the same.. the taste of it. This is one of the delicious yet simple delicacies from Malaysia.


1 cup of tapioca pearls (soak for half an hour, rinse and drain)
1 cup of sugar
2 cups of water
1 1/2 tsp of pink / green colouring
1 tsp of rose essence
1/2 tsp of pandan essence

Coating of the kuih:
3 cups of Desiccated coconut ( mix well with a dash of salt and steam for 10 minutes. Leave it cool)

1. In a pot, cook sugar with water until disolved.
2. Add in colouring, rose essence and pandan essence.
3. Then, add in tapioca pearls and stir until the pearls turns transparent, sticky and thick.
4. Pour the pearls batter into a container. Leave it cool. Once its cool you may cut it into squares or use spoons to shape it round.
5. Coat it with the steamed desiccated coconut.

and voila!!!!!

Tips: Do not add in water if your tapioca pearls doesn't seem to cook. Steam it instead.

If some how rather your attempt to make this kuih sagu turn out to be too soggy (too much water) you can turn it to another Malaysian dessert. this dessert is known as .....

Sagu Gula Melaka

in order to make sagu melaka sauce you need:-

1/2 chunk of gula melaka or 1/2 cup of brown sugar
5 tbsp of water
100 ml coconut milk (mix in a pinch of salt and if its to creamy to your liking add some hot water but do not dilute it)

1. Cook gula melaka / brown sugar with 5 tbsp of water till disolved.
2. In a bowl scoop some of the not so successful kuih sagu and mix in gula melaka / brown sugar and coconut milk.

and here comes another malaysian's dessert :)

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